Amigo's Magic Show, Comes to Crystal Palace

Amigo’s Magic Show, Comes to Crystal Palace

Date: [13th July]

Time: [11 – 11.50 am]

Location: Phoenix Community Centre

Prepare to be amazed as Amigo’s Magic Show makes its way to Crystal Palace! Join us for a magical experience full of illusions, tricks, and mind-boggling performances. Bring your friends and family for a fun-filled event that will leave you in awe. Don’t miss out on this enchanting opportunity to witness the magic up close and personal. Get ready to be spellbound at the Phoenix Community Centre!

Best Kid Magic Show in London

Magical movies and shows like Harry Potter have inspired children to see past a shroud of mystery and explore the mystic art of magic, as shown in the cinemas.

Simon has a fantastic act for children of all ages. With years of experience. This interactive performance involves the children helping his character ‘Amigo’ with tricks and the silliness which ensues. As part of the show, the children will get their own special magic wand which makes the whole show that little bit more magical. During the show, a Live White Rabbit appears as if by Magic. The children get to meet the magical rabbit at the end of the show and have a chance to pet it and have their very own picture taken with it. It also involves a lot of audience participation especially when shouting out the magic words. You can be sure that the children will start letting him know when something is happening that he’s not aware of!!! Because its loud, fast and fun the children love every minute of it.

Entice your kids into the world of magic and involve them in experiencing mind-blowing acts that will remain a memory with them forever.

Children’s eyes always light up when they discover magic in almost everything. Magic has a way of manifesting and bringing joy to children, but not everyone can perform it the way magicians do, which incorporates fun, mystery, mind games and much more to intrigue the kids and keep them in sync with the show.

The creativity of kids is seen to blossom when they are exposed to situations that allow them to utilise their brains much more artistically, the show is informative and imaginative at the same time. The activities and games added keep the kids engaged rather than withdrawn.

Almost every kid’s show or movie portrays magic as a mysterious yet trustworthy element that later unfolds to be beyond kids’ imagination.

The show is 50 minutes with an opportunity to see the white rabbit at the end of the show

Limited tickets available, purchase tickets to avoid disappointment


If you purchase tickets for your children only you will not be refunded.

Children under 16 must attend with their parent/parents or a responsible adult who is 18 and over

Tickets are non refundable unless the show is cancelled or rescheduled minus the Eventbrite booking fees

Please arrive 15 minutes before the show starts